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More French debt – this time to Cameron.

THE ARGUMENTS WITH FRANCE are always the same.

In the good old days of Mitterand right up to Chirac’s last corrupt moment in office, domestic political failure was hidden under the tarp of anti-Americanism. Chirac must have hummed “God Bless America” every day he was in office.

Sarkozy might have called off that quasi-war a bit soon. Now that the euro – like the Belgian fantasy behind it – is crumbling, David Cameron stepped up for the French, vetoing a deal that, had he not done so, would have sent the EU diving for cover. The treaty revision he blocked would have done the damage of three Greek failures, economically and politically.

Instead, Sarkozy’s life as Merkel’s poolboy continues undisturbed. Falling credit ratings, a staggering economy, horrible political disasters at home are all ignored while the French hurl personal insults at David Cameron, who may deserve them, but still.

– Calamo

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