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Princeton prof demonstrates that education tends to make people less ironic.

From an article, “99 percent of donors from Princeton give to Obama”, by Stephanie Liu in the Daily Princetonian: [Psychology professor Susan] Fiske, also a large Obama donor, is another example of a faculty member who supports a candidate based on her own educational and teaching interests.

“A lot of my own work is on stereotyping and prejudice and diversity issues, and I think the Democrats are just hands-down better in that,” she said.

Fiske said there is a correlation between educational background and liberalism. Fiske said it is well-known that college professors are on average more liberal than the general population because their political orientation  correlates with certain variables.

“Professors in general are engaged in creating knowledge, so you have to be open to uncertainty and open to things being complicated,” Fiske said. “Now, this is a big generalization, so there are many educated conservatives, but on average, my understanding is that education tends to make people more progressive,” she added.

Fiske, who said she has donated to moderate Republicans in the past, said there is even research that the speeches of liberal politicians are more cognitively complex.

Continued at the Daily Princetonian | More Chronicle & Notices.

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