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• The education of a British ad man: from working class teen to ‘art school in New York’.

By DAVE TROTT [] – I come from, according to The Guinness Book of Records, the largest council estate in Europe.
A massive working class section of east London, bordering on Essex.
East London itself is around 2 million people.
Everyone judges themselves according to their context.
And, in our context, we thought we were doing okay.
The houses weren’t slums, no one was out of work
Everyone had pretty much what they needed, enough to get by.
We didn’t feel hard done by, because everyone was the same.
But, like most lads, I always felt my mum deserved something special.
So I used to save half my pocket money each week.
It meant at Christmas I could buy presents for the family.
I’d always get a pipe for my dad.
Some perfume or similar for my big sister.
But I’d always spend most of the money on Mum’s present.
I’d always get her the biggest thing I could afford.
And mum was always very proud of whatever it was.
Later on, as a teenager, I went to art school in New York.

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