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Cluster index: Michael Blackburn

A plea for decorum.

Michael Blackburn: ‘Call me Mr Cynical but I suspect Magid’s real passion is for himself, and he doesn’t appreciate the fact that the position of Mayor is something of itself and nothing to do with his own ego. A bit more decorum would serve him better and prevent what I believe will be the reaction to his posturing when he has left the post, namely embarrassment.’

The Horror of the Patriarchy.

Michael Blackburn: ‘This message, repeated so often that it has become one of those pseudo-truths beloved of the media, is always produced without scientific evidence; just as there is no scientific evidence that getting men to open up emotionally all the time results in better psychological health for them.’

Nostalgia: As good as it ever was.

Michael Blackburn: ‘The problem for the left with nostalgia is that the past did happen. It’s real. And even when some of it is “imagined” it is still composed of fragments of reality. More importantly it is an emotional response.’

1968 and all that.

Michael Blackburn: ‘Apart from their opposition to the Vietnam war I think the only things the students were complaining about that were related to reality were the old-fashioned methods of teaching at universities and the fact that living accommodation was segregated between men and women. Not exactly revolution fodder.’

I’m 25, give me my £10,000.

Michael Blackburn: ‘Again, we come up against the unquestioned assumption of all do-gooding, omnisapient, bleeding heart liberal types, that they can work out what needs to be done (because they’re clever like that) and that “we” (the taxpayers) must stump up for it.’

The drink.

Michael Blackburn: ‘It’s also about time I stood up and announced to you, dear reader, that my name is Michael Blackburn and I am not and never have been an alcoholic, though I was often called a drunk in my tippling days. Whatever large amounts I drank and for whatever length of time that lasted I never had what it took to be a full-on alcoholic — and I’ve known two people who did, literally, drink themselves to death.’

Are we all racists now?

Michael Blackburn: ‘The abominable and inexcusable treatment meted out to immigrants and their families over the decades is not in question. But the deliberate policy of the left in recent years of opening up the old wounds and pursuing a course of malevolent compassion, or rather malevolence masquerading as compassion in exploiting minority groups, is also abominable. ‘

Only for the lonely.

Michael Blackburn: ‘Theresa May begins to look more and more like Ted Heath, apart from going in opposite directions concerning the EU. She’s a bit soppy, and, like Cameron has done her best to change the perception of the Tories as the “nasty party” – a term which she coined herself.’

Jeremy’s wall.

Michael Blackburn: ‘Poor old Jeremy Corbyn didn’t have time to take a closer look at Kalen Ockerman’s mural, “Freedom of Humanity”, a few years ago, thus missing its anti-Jewish message and later embroiling him in accusations of being soft on anti-Semitism in his party. ‘

The satisfaction of seriousness: The Peterson Phenomenon.

Michael Blackburn: ‘Peterson addresses a hunger in young people for honest discussion about the old philosophical question: what is the best way to live one’s life?’

About being nearly dead.

Michael Blackburn: ‘It was while I lay in my bed that I considered the lost concept of convalescence. There was a time when I was growing up and still a young man that if you had suffered from a serious illness, undergone major surgery or were a woman who had just given birth, you were allowed weeks in which to recover, even if, medically speaking, you were back to full health. In the last thirty years that rather humane idea has been eradicated. ‘

Please don’t change the world.

Michael Blackburn: ‘What we are supposed to want now is over-credentialled youngsters determined to change a world of which they have little knowledge or understanding.’

Brian Higgins and the iniquity of his oblivion.

Michael Blackburn: ‘In all my decades I have not met a single person who has heard of Higgins, but someone out there has — and they’ve written a Wikipedia page for him, which is a memorial of a kind. You can still pick up copies of all three books from dealers or on the internet. And after the iniquity of oblivion has finished scattering her poppies over the rest of us I suppose that’s the best that can be hoped for.’

Too young to tan, too young to vote.

Michael Blackburn: ‘Campaigners hope they can count of the ignorance of young people combined with the passion of their natural idealism and goodwill. At 16 you have little real understanding of the malevolence that lies in the heart of some individuals or the creeds they promote. At the same time you have inside you a vast reservoir of shapeless emotion, especially rage and resentment, some of which may spring from personal history but much of which has no identifiable origin, but all of which can touched and activated and shaped towards a political end by the cynical and unscrupulous. ‘

Virtue-signalling in Lincolnshire.

Michael Blackburn: ‘The process of integration and assimilation everyone was expecting appears to have gone into reverse. Twenty or thirty years ago it was unusual to see a British-born young Muslim woman wearing a hijab…Watch the clips of present day Britain and you’ll see men and women dressed as if they were still in India or Pakistan.’