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Books received.

THE FOLLOWING TITLES have been received at the editorial address. More information may be obtained by clicking title links. Information on unlinked titles may be found by doing an online search for the publisher. Inclusion here does not preclude more comprehensive critical coverage by The Fortnightly Review.

Editorial office:
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Last update: August 2020.

Ned Denny
Unearthly Toys
Carcanet 2018 | 88pp paperback | £12.99 $16.99

Steve Ely
Bloody, proud and murderous men, adulterers and enemies of God
The High Window 2018 | 142pp paperback | £10.00
[includes the pamphlet Werewolf]

Caron Freeborn
Presenting the Fabulous O’Learys
Holland House | 264pp | £9.99  $8.00

Alex Houen
Ring Cycle
Eyewear Publishing | 97pp | £10.99 $14.99

A beautiful, formidably intelligent yet profoundly inviting book, Alex Houen’s much-anticipated RING CYCLE brilliantly orchestrates its many motifs across poems that move from the metaphysical to the intimate to the droll sometimes within one poem. Houen is a poet of lavish linguistic sensuality, his poems vibrating with his attunement to fissures within the self, between lovers; salutes to friends; romantic skirmish; the ambient dread of our moment. Houen’s brilliantly mash-upping mind encompasses pirated DVDs, Dryden and Alexander McQueen, conceits poetic and contemporary and untimely and unheimlich. A book of enormous range, simultaneously lush and austere, RING CYCLE tracks the perversities of erotic and filial suspension alongside questions of conscience and aesthetics.—Maureen McLane.

Peter Hughes
Carcanet 2017 | 72pp card-bound. | £9.99

via Leopardi 21
Equipage (c/o Rod Mengham, Jesus College Cambridge) 2018 | 32pp A4 pamphlet.

[These continue Peter Hughes’ rewritings of Italian poetry.]

Keith Hutson
smith/doorstop 2018 | 38pp paperback | £7.50

Trevor Joyce
Fastness: A Translation from the English of Edmund Spencer
Pathway/Miami University Press | 112pp | £12.00 $17.00

Brian Keaney
The Alphabet of Heart’s Desire
Holland House | 386pp | £10.99 $14.99

John Mills
Which Yet Survive: Impressions of Friends, Family and Encounters
Quartet | 268pp | £25.00 $20.50

Ágnes Lehóczky
Swimming Pool
Shearsman 2017 | 150pp paperback | £12.95 $20.00

Helen E. Mundler
Holland House | 285pp | £9.99

Antony Rowland
Arc Publications 2017 | 78pp paperback | £9.13

Carol Rumens
The Emma Press 2018 | Illustrations by Emma Wright | 28pp pamphlet | £5.00 $9.35
[Poems and translation of Mandelstam.]

Lisa Samuels
Symphony for Human Transport
Shearsman Books 2017 | 78pp paperback | £9.95 $17.00

Barry Schwabsky
Heretics of Language
Black Square Editions | 246pp | £20.00 $14.13
Reviewed July 2018.

Ian Seed
Red Ceilings | 42pp | £6.00
The narrators in Distances unearth a series of forgotten, oddly beautiful stories which reveal the possibility of a different life.’

Aidan Semmens
Life Has Become More Cheerful
Shearsman 2017 | 102pp paperback | £9.95 $17.00

Em Strang
Shearsman Books 2016 | 80pp paperback | £9.95 $17.00

Judith Willson
Crossing the Mirror Line
Carcanet 2017 | 80pp paperback | £9.99 $12.99

Augustus Young
The Invalidity of all Guarantees: A Conversation between Berthold Brecht and Walter Benjamin (1934)
Labryinth books | 221pp | £6.31 $8.00

Heavy Years: Inside the Head of a Health Worker
Quartet | 300pp | £20.00 $TBA

THE FOLLOWING TITLES have been received by the Poetry Editor, Peter Riley. Linked titles may be ordered online. Information on unlinked titles may be found by doing an online search for  the publisher.

Michael Heller
Nightboat Books (New York) 2016 | 116pp paperback | £13.00 $16.21

A new collection which shows fully the ranges of attention and techniques of scripting he has developed through a long career.

Amos Weisz (1962-2008)
Edited by Ian Fairley. Waterloo Press 2015. 160pp paperback. £12.00

The constant fresh starts of a troubled soul always on the edge of a poetical homeland, long-term ripples of a central European diaspora. A worthy effort to save this work from oblivion.

Amjad Nasser
A Map of Signs and Scents: selected poems 1979-2014,
translated from the Arabic by Fady Joudah and Khalad Mattawa.
Curbstone Books (Northwestern University Press) 2016 | 180pp paperback | £16.40 $19.95

Sanjeev Sethi
This Summer and That Summer.
Bloomsbury (New Delhi) 2015 | 68pp hardback. | £18.99

Poems by Sanjeev Sethi can be read in The Fortnightly Review here.

Pierre Chappuis
Like Bits of Wind: selected poetry and poetic prose 1974-2014,
translated by John Taylor. Seagull Books 2016. 390pp hardback, £19.50.

Celebrated Swiss francophone poet, of the landscape/phenomenology persuasion, who has not become known to English-speakers as others have. Some poems have appeared in The Fortnightly Review here.

Carmen Bugan
Releasing the Porcelain Birds: poems after surveillance.
Shearsman Books 2016 | 90pp paperback. | £9.95 $17.00

This returns to the political surveillance her family underwent in Romania under the Ceaușescu regime, treated in her previous poetry and prose books, and its aftermath.

Kim Moore
The Art of Falling.
Seren 2015 | 72pp paperback | £9.99. $14.99

First book by one of the brightest of young what-you-might-call grassroots poets hereabouts, suddenly cannonballed from northern to national notoriety. She has an incantatory talent, and others.

Keith Hutson
Poetry Salzburg Pamphlet Series 2016. 40pp booklet.

31 well-written sonnets on old Music Hall and Variety entertainers. Seven sonnets by Keith Hutson have been published by The Fortnightly Review here.

Face Down in the Book of Revelations: for Peter Hughes on his 60th Birthday.
edited by Lynn Hughes. Oystercatcher Press 2016. Approx. 70pp paperback

For the Future: Poems & Essays in Honour of J.H.Prynne on the occasion of his 80th birthday.
Edited by Ian Brinton. Shearsman Books 2016. 246pp paperback.

THE FOLLOWING ARE substantial collections by British poets who go back to the 1960s, and may be said to have been involved in the outbursts of youthful rejection of the given order at that time, whether squatting in ruined farmhouses in the Welsh mountains singing mantras or not. It looks as though the time has come for collecting and weighing these.

Neil Oram
The Rain Stands Tall. Selected Poems 1959-2015.
Barncott Press 2015 | 304pp paperback | £10.00

Barry Tebb
Collected Poems 1964-2016.
The Sixties Press 2016 | 310pp paperback | £10.00

[See my review of a slightly earlier collection, here]

Chris Torrance
The Magic Book.
Test Centre 2017 | 416pp, card covers. | edition of 500, £30.00 Also 26 copies in slipcase signed and lettered by the author and with additional holograph material.

[I have reviewed this important book for Poetry Salzburg Review No,32, Spring 2018. —PR]

Peter McCarey
De l’oubli.
L’Ours Blanc, no 23| Geneva | 32pp

A note in the book explains that the poems were written in French. ‘The poems which punctuate the text are reproduced in English (their original language) and have been translated into French by Vincent Barras in close collaboration with the author.’ See also ‘Three Questions for Peter McCarey’ here. His work for the Fortnightly is indexed here.

Note to publishers:

I want in future to avoid doing short reviews, and instead to review one book at a time, sometimes perhaps two, at greater length. This will greatly reduce the number of books I can deal with. You are welcome to send review copies of poetry books at any time, but many of them are likely to gain no more than a notated listing such as the above. For best results, query first.—P.R.

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