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7 The Window

window7WINDOW TABLE COMPETITION IS a major cause of restaurant violence. Secure in our
tenure, we gaze into each other’s eyes.’

Check for visual tunnels birds may imagine they can fly through. Keep
your windows slightly dirty to emasculate reflections. After a burglary,
angle a new window downwards – check first that your warranty won’t be
compromised. The crowning touch is to stick on a replicas orb-weaver
spider’s white zigzag stabilimentum, bird-hating centre of her web.

1st – The Window into History
She hugs him as if one or the other were a Ming vase – ironic in this
upper-floor chamber where the two imperial governors and their secretary
were pushed out of a window. Luckily they landed without bruises in
a dung heap. No one was harmed until the long war that followed.

2nd – The Witch Window
It’s unlikely that delinquent spirits are troubled by angles – beware of
fashioning otherness in your own suburban image. The point, however, is
sacrifice. Tight between rooflines, the sloping misfit double sash testifies
to godliness defying seemliness – a strongman between temple columns.

3rd – The Window Marking Time
The aspect is southerly. A guard consoles: ‘This is no temperate land
where you could scratch the walls to chart the solstices. But there’ll be
sudden storms, filling the cell with light and noise, freshening murderous
heat.’ On the rack of a rainbow she sickens in the endless moment.

4th – The Window Seat
Dust from the quarry is treasured in the timeless vehicle of a raindrop,
intuiting its descent. Any pictures form in the head – the glowing logs are
behind her, only radiating, never reflecting. Rain and fire. Her body is
twisted awry from obvious solutions, away from the maddening hearth.

5th – The Window of Desire
The mannequins have that knowing look – defiant bald heads, slender
necks. This is far from the solidarity of sameness: even singletons triumph
over our muddles. Clothed ones are somehow naked underneath. They are
the perfect future, powerless to choose yet never compromised.

6th – The Window Tax
Water, light, air must be metered by a prudent state – though the principal
reason no doubt was ease of assessment. Loopholers, the Robin Hoods of
daylight, swing into action, trading favours with bricklayers. It takes
introverts only weeks to acclimatise to a life change; extraverts, years.

All six – The Window on the Northern Lights
When the vodka comes round, the talk is of time exposures. They mark
their places with tripods, on each a little placard with a cell phone number.
Straight after lunch the village lights are dowsed. Protons arrive, like
aliens, on a solar wind, streaming through the Pole’s magnetic sieve.

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